Industry for Green

An eye toward the environment!

We are Green
We are in the Green

It all starts here

A venue surrounded by acres of land, covered with vineyards where majestic herons often visit. Maarmo’s new headquarters completely reflects our green philosophy. Starting from the production of the product to the delivery to the customer, we keep an environmentally friendly behavior.

A 100% Recyclable Product

MAARMO radiant panels, made of marble powder, are derived from patented production processes and are completely recyclable. At the end of its life, after separating the marble from other elements, they are crushed and 100% recycled in the form of powders in a variety of fields and applications. In this sense MAARMO acts by creating circular flows of matter, thus capable of regeneration. In addition, since all production processes are carried out at low temperatures, the amounts of energy used are minimal.


A MAARMO, A tree


Maarmo strengthens its mission of pursuing the development of design products that ensure sustainability with a “Zero Impact” on the territory thanks to the birth of the “Maarmo Wood”; in fact, in the presence of the mayor of Chions, Renato Santin, and some classes from the local elementary school, the first batch of twenty trees was planted in the green area of the Parco del Cornia, a small natural oasis that extends in front of the entrance to the new Maarmo headquarters. With this first step, the idea launched at the end of 2021 to Mayor Santin during the inauguration of the Villotta office is materialized; in fact, after wanting to locate the atelier’s new headquarters in an old shed that had been disused for years in the Villotta countryside, the idea of enhancing the Cornia Park as a base for developing locally the “Un Maarmo un Aalbero” project was worked on. In fact, the project sees the company committed to planting a tree for every radiator sold.

Maarmo: a new way to experience your spaces–and the planet

And finally….

Maarmo makes daily efforts to develop production processes
that minimize its environmental impact, measured in terms of carbon footprint, a parameter that measures the kilograms of carbon dioxide produced.
This panel will allow the absorption of 5.5kg of Co2 for each year of its life!