The 5 Why

Discover the first ecological designer radiators made with
the marble dust waste!

5 Reasons to Choose MAARMO

Comfort and quality of life are the goal of our passion and continuous innovation,
aimed at the use of recycled materials with new and technological production processes where architectural planning,
design and respect for the environment are indissoluble values.
Only a responsible vision and conduct will allow us to preserve the future of the next generations.

1. Italian design

We offer a modern and customizable design thanks to the collaboration with designers and architects.

maarmo 2b
maarmo 3b

2. Zero Energy

We create a “zero impact” hand-made product thanks to the use of recycled marble powders and water-based binders and the planting of a tree for each panel sold.

3. Wellness

We guarantee living well-being thanks to the diffusion of heat by radiation, distributing it uniformly throughout the house and limiting the circulation of dust and bacteria.

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Motives aren’t enough for you?

Don’t worry, we have two more …

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4. Energy Saving

MAARMO has designed and manufactured its panels to be used also with renewable energies. Easy to use and set up. The MAARMO app helps to reduce energy consumption and lower heating bills, with total 24/7 control over every room even when you are not at home.

5. Simplicity of application and installation

We make life easier for partners thanks to a simple and fast application and installation system, designed for any type of environment because they are characterized by a high degree of robustness and resistance to humidity, with IPX4 protection, and because they are totally free of any kind of emissions.

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