Your Maarmo

Customize your Radiator!

Make your MAARMO product unique!

Get involved in the Maarmo soul, give space to imagination and creativity.
Thanks to our digital printing technology, you can make your radiator unique and thus create an object that represents you.
Customize your Maarmo panel by choosing the image you prefer and we will print it.

First, choose the image you prefer and send it to
Together we will find the solution that best suits your needs.
(*customization only for the PERFETTO model, minimum size of the image to be printed: 350 DPI)


You can now also customize your radiators using the 10 works from the MIOBYMAARMO Collection.
This is an exclusive collection consisting of 10 works by international artists; to ensure the uniqueness and exclusivity of the customization, we decided that each work can only be printed on one hundred thermo-furniture pieces.


Giardino Malinconico

Makiko Asada


Elisa Rossetto

Palma d’oro

Greta Bernini

Donna in nero

Marie Astrid-Morine

Your creativity in MAARMO radiators!

Personalize your spaces!
Get involved in the Maarmo soul, choose your ideal product,
in the sizes you want and give room for imagination and creativity.
You can customize each panel,
choose your favorite image and have it printed or painted.
You can make your Maarmo panel unique by painting it yourself!

It enhances your Maarmo product by making it a unique and exclusive item that
represents your personality and space.


Temporary Collection SparklingMAARMO

This collection consists of five works created through collaboration with young artists who have
used crystals to embellish and enhance the radiators with creativity and sophistication.
The following are the works that make up the Temporary Collection of customized thermo-furniture with the sparkling style
of Swarovski crystals.

maarmo 10e

BLOWY Paolo Borazza

MEDUSA Tiziano De Castro

JEWEL Paolo Stefano Gentile

maarmo 11e

BLUE MIND Luca Sebastian

maarmo 12e

MANTOROSSO Lorenzo Cacioli