A Creative Space

Learn more about the Marta and Andrea’s life

She, Marta, artist and lover of every expression of art, is specialized in painting in all its forms; he, Andrea, musician, loves experimenting with different tools that he has known during his travels.
Relate to their Italian origins every artistic or musical creation always reminds of the country to which they belong.

They love to play with colors, order is not of home, rebellious and unconventional. That’s the right mix to make the Marta and Andrea ‘s home welcoming.
Dynamic and practical Furnishing responds to their overwhelming and unstoppable personality.
Each element is unique and exclusive, customization makes their home the expression of themselves.

“Hands and heart filled
the home spaces.
Her warmth is what keeps us
still here”

Tessuti, textures e superfici e disegni personalizzati incontrano
le forme più lineari del design italiano 
e rappresentano la vita
di Marta e Andrea. 
Ogni spazio è destinato al gioco, alla sperimentazione
e alla ricerca dello straordinario.

The Products of this story: