A Portrait of Freedom

Know Riccardo better!

Riccardo, a manager, he lives in Milan, a modern
and hectic metropolis.
His passion for the sport pushes him to
get involved,
to live new experiences and to challenge his own limits.


In search of adventure, during his travels he went surfing and he learned
how to live a life in contact with nature. His dog Aika accompanies him in
all his escapes from the city. Although he is often away from home, he always has 24/7 control
of consumption.


“Happiness is not
place to arrive
but a home to
return to.”

At his house he wants to breathe the same air and the same well-being that he feels when immersed in nature: the light that enters from the windows and the heat that invades them rooms represents for Riccardo and Aika the pleasure to go back home every time after their numerous escapes. 
Designs and textures that combine the colors and the surfaces of different architecture styles from the natural world that she discovers in his travels.

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